Police chiefs deny discussing positive discrimination but admit to talking about talks

Police chiefs have denied discussing the prioritisation of black and female job applicants – insisting they had only met to discuss meeting to discuss the issue.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) was reported to be talking today about plans to use affirmative action to create a more representative workforce.

Acpo is said to have been handed formal proposals to give preference to black, ethnic minority and female applications for police officer posts. It is understood that these plans come from work led by Suzette Davenport, vice-chairman of the British Association for Women in Policing.

But an Acpo spokeswoman told Personnel Today: “We have only been discussing whether to put this on the agenda for a future meeting.”

The Home Office has given the police force a target of ensuring 7% of officers come from ethnic minorities by 2009. The figure currently stands at 3.7%, and radical plans are being investigated to increase diversity.

This story first appeared in Personnel Today

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