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Creating an Inclusive Environment for All Religions

By Sam Ali Is your company able to deal with religious bias, such as the current anti-Muslim rhetoric? Progressive companies with clearly stated values that hold people accountable for their actions offer valuable lessons. Get advice from companies such as IBM and American Express about how they handle these situations, and how employee-resource groups in […]

Ushering In the ‘Re-Generation’

By W. Stanton Smith Overheard while waiting for an elevator: An executive was invited to talk to some ninth-graders. He spoke of the journey through various jobs that built a successful business career. As he concluded his remarks, he opened up for questions. The students seemed a bit reluctant to speak. So he primed the […]

Latina lesbians face discrimination: study

By Esther Cepeda To be studied is to be acknowledged, and if you are a Hispanic woman who is either a lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer — or questioning whether you are any of the above — your time has come. The first research of its kind, “Latina portrait: Latina queer women in Chicago,” was released last […]