What me…biased?! Implicit Bias

BreeseLinda-Trompetter,November 24, 9-11am
Genetti’s Wilkes Barre

Did you know that even though you might explicitly believe that people of diverse racial backgrounds, genders, sexuality, and ability are equal, you likely also harbor implicit biases to the contrary? In the last several decades, philosophers, psychologists and social scientists have been shocked to find that many people who verbally report commitments of equality nevertheless make negative associations with diverse social groups: for example, unknowingly and unintentionally associating Black faces with weapons more quickly than white faces or associating weak characteristics with women instead of men. Even those with sincere and admirable intentions are susceptible to these biases, posing a unique challenge for social justice issues. In this workshop we will explore psychological research on the existence and nature of implicit biases, investigate the implications of implicit bias, and evaluate various strategies for dealing with implicit bias with the aim of gaining insight into how to make progress toward social justice in an age of implicit, and oftentimes invisible, oppression.

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