2015 Spring

LGBT Inclusion: Beyond Laws and Benefits

Simma Lieberman – January 20, 2105,  1pm-2:30pm
Webinar: A Seminar That Comes to You


Emotional Intelligence and Diversity

Arthur Breese, MA, MSWill be rescheduled for April
Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs.  Season’s Ballroom


Understanding Workplace Bullying

James Calderone, EdD, ACSW, LSW – Wednesday, March 25th,2015 9am-11am

The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC)  Room 2001


Taking Adversity Out Of Diversity: Building Inclusive Organizations

Maura J. Cullen, EdD –  Friday March 27th,2015, 11am-1230pm
Webinar: A Seminar That Comes to You



What Do I Say Now?
Identifying and Responding to Biased Comments and Microaggressions

Diane J. Goodman, EdD – Monday, April 27st, 2015, 1pm-3:30pm

Wilkes University: Ballroom second floor of the Henry Student center.


NEPDEC’s mission is to create a more inclusive, dynamic culture in our region and to prepare for increasingly complex and diverse communities and workplaces. To achieve these goals, we:
* provide educational programming/consultation,
* support member’s diversity initiatives,
* organize networking and social events for relaxed interaction and sharing, and
* build alliances among historically isolated groups.

Through cooperation, we address regional diversity issues with greater impact and economies of scale.