NEPDEC Website: About Us

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Diversity Education Consortium (NEPDEC) is a non-sectarian, 503C corporation, a not-for-profit educational consortium.

It was established in 1998, and has 17 members,including healthcare organizations, schools, universities, colleges, and businesses. Membership dues are currently $3450 per year.

NEPDEC members receive approximately 10 programs a year, at an average cost of $200 each, and a day of training and/or consultation provided by the Director, Brad Kovaleski.

Our offices are located at the Advocacy Alliance in Scranton, and appointments with the director can be made by calling 570-814-4940.

NEPDEC’s mission is to create a more inclusive, dynamic culture in our region and to prepare for increasingly complex and diverse communities and workplaces. To achieve these goals, we:

  • provide educational programming and consultation,
  • support members’ diversity initiatives,
  • organize networking and social events for relaxed interaction and sharing, and
  • build alliances among historically isolated groups.

Through cooperation, we address regional diversity issues with greater impact and economies of scale.

For membership information, please call Sean Mchale at 570-207-1540.