D4 Diversity Leadership Seminar

  • Decide to make a difference

  • Discover your potential

  • Develop your skills

  • Dare to lead

Have you been thinking about things to do that will make your high school experience special? Something that is unusual and something that helps you prepare for your future? If so, then the D4 Diversity Leadership Seminar is for you.

During the year-long seminar you will

  • Examine your own cultural lenses
  • Learn about other peoples’ lenses, and how they differ from yours
  • Acquire knowledge about diversity issues in our global, multicultural society
  • Look at how race and ethnicity influence our personal identities and our position within a global culture
  • Examine how economic differences impact our lives
  • Gain knowledge and awareness about differences in gender identities and gender social context
  • Practice recognized leadership skills so that you can be an advocate for inclusive diversity in your school and community
  • Work with your colleagues on an exciting final project which will have a positive impact on your school or community
  • Receive a certification of recognition when you have attended all sessions and completed the program
  • Receive recognition in your school and community for the seminar work you have done.

You will learn to make a positive difference, while building confidence, and gaining leadership skills that will help you achieve your goals.

For more information contact Dr. Linda Trompetter at 570-262-6597.

The 2012 D4 Leadership Seminar begins on Friday, September 7, 2012!

Future dates for the Fall are Oct. 5th,Nov.9th, and Dec.7th


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