Student Leadership Conference: Be the Difference

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
8 am – 4 pm
Luzerne County Community College

Nathan Ward, MSED
Director of Diversity, King’s College

Great Leaders are ordinary people who have decided to become the difference. Great Leaders are people who choose to be the listener, the thinker, the gatherer, the visionary, the sculptor, and the motivator. Take a look around the corner and you can spot one of them. Look in the mirror—the Great Leader is in you. Ward will lead an interactive seminar that will help you to self-identify the Great Leader within. Through the various activities you will strengthen your ability to lead through teamwork, strategy exercises, personal reflection, and process evaluation.

Participants will reflect on personal and leadership leadership skills for a pluralistic society. Participants will reflect on personal and leadership experiences, examine dynamic leadership theory, and participate in practical skill-building activities that make us better leaders, able to respond more effectively to challenges and opportunities created by a diverse multicultural society.

Nathan Ward, a native of Pittsburgh, PA was named the director of College Diversity at King’s College in 2010. Nathan works to create a welcoming environment for all students, and to educate students, faculty, and staff on social justice issues related to issues such as ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and economic situation. Before coming to King’s College, Nathan developed student leaders through Residence Life positions at Ursinus College (PA), Shawnee State University (OH), and Duquesne University (PA). He continues to create new programs for students to grow as leaders on their campuses.

Nathan earned a Master of Science degree in Education and a Bachelor of Science degree in Leadership and Professional Advancement with a major in business administration from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. He also holds a certificate of sacred study in Evangelism from Eastern Bible Institute.

For students at NEPDEC member colleges and universities, and high school seniors attending NEPDEC member schools, interested in developing leadership skills and enhancing their career potential. A certificate of recognition will be given to those who complete the entire day.

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