Let us pray…or not! Religion and Cultural Competence in the Workplace

James Calderone, EdD, ACSW, LSW
Wednesday, December 5, 2012
9-11 am

King’s College


This workshop raises awareness and increases knowledge about the importance of understanding how religion relates to cultural competence and inclusion initiatives. In an area where discussion can often be contentious and filled with misunderstanding, it is important to develop an understanding of what makes religion important to some, and not important to others. It is essential to include religion and spirituality as a subject for reflection in assessing cultural differences, thus helping us to recognize an individual’s strengths, and understand more fully how prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination based on religion can undermine organizational effectiveness.

We will ignore our mothers’ advice to refrain from discussing religion or politics in polite company, and explore how identifying as a person with or without strong religious beliefs can help us connect or create barriers.

James Calderone has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wilkes University in English, with a Secondary Education Certification, a Master’s in Social Work from University of Wisconsin/Madison, and a Doctorate in Education from Temple in Adult Development. Calderone also holds a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Marywood University.

Jim is a full professor in the Social Work Department at Misericordia University and a Licensed Social Worker. He has also served as Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Education at Misericordia. He has been accepted into the Academy of Certified Social Workers. Jim is active as an ordained priest in the American Catholic Church in the United States, and is director of the St. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pastoral Outreach Center in Kingston, PA.

Dr. Calderone has served on the Advisory Board of the Diversity Institute at Misericordia University, and has been an active diversity consultant and trainer. He has completed the Anti-Defamation League World of Difference Program, and presented at many national conferences on diversity planning, curriculum, and training. He currently works with Consult4Diversity, a firm providing diversity assessment and training to colleges, universities, healthcare systems, and businesses.


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