Shared Syllabi

Willary Fellows Curriculum Transformation
– all Willary Fellows Curriculum Transformation Syllabi are in .pdf

Other Shared Syllabi

  • CHD 207 Young Children in Society
  • Description: This course focuses on the diversity of influences of home and family, culture and society that shape the social and emotional development of children. It stresses an anti-bias approach.
  • CHD 210 Children with Disabilites
  • Description: This course defines and analyzes exceptional conditions in young children. Emphasis is placed on the purposes and legislation for early intervention, the IEP/IFSP process, and the interdisciplinary team approach including the role of the family and community. The course includes assessment and instructional techniques as well as current issues and trends in early childhood education.
  • ED 210 Multicultural Education & Teaching Students With Special Needs
  • Description: One half of this course will address the urgent need for multicultural education by covering topics such as racism, bias, and cultural information in order to help our students develop strategies for creating within their classrooms a knowledge of, appreciation of, and respect for diversity. The other half of this course is designed to develop the knowledge base and instructional skills necessary to teach students with special needs.
  • ICS 210 Cultural Identity Development
  • Description: This course is an interdisciplinary course designed to facilitate the exploration and understanding of individual identity development within the context of one’s own cultural experiences. Students will explore the five stages of cultural identity development through psychological, sociological, multicultural perspectives. Reading and lectures will be supplemented by films, interactive teaching strategies, group work, independent research, and written essays.
  • SSC 103 Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • Description: The course focuses on women’s experiences, past and present, in the worlds of family, work, education, health, religion, the media and the legal system. Students explore and discuss women’s choices and challenges in American society.
  • Because women’s contributions have often been ignored or dismissed, Introduction to Women’s Studies highlights women’s many and varied accomplishments.


NEPDEC’s mission is to create a more inclusive, dynamic culture in our region and to prepare for increasingly complex and diverse communities and workplaces. To achieve these goals, we:
* provide educational programming/consultation,
* support member’s diversity initiatives,
* organize networking and social events for relaxed interaction and sharing, and
* build alliances among historically isolated groups.

Through cooperation, we address regional diversity issues with greater impact and economies of scale.